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Business Brokers Network Australia

Over 700 Business listings over 60 Brokers over 48 Locations

More than 85 Businesses worth over $1 Million

If you are looking to SELL your business, this is a great place to start

Business Brokers Network Australia is the largest network of Business Brokers across Australia.

BBNA Business Brokers and Business Valuers are located in

Victoria,  New South Wales,  Queensland,  Western Australia  and  Tasmania

If you cannot find the business you want, Contact a BBNA Business Broker, they may have one unadvertised.

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Need a Business Valuation or Business Appraisal. BBNA have Registered Business Valuers contact us anytime.

Want to sell your Business

Getting the best price for your business, is all about providing the Buyer with all the information the Buyer needs to decide to buy your business and his Bankers having the right information to determine if they will give the Buyer the money, to purchase your business. In today's market, this is very important.

To Get The Best Price for your Business. There are some important things to do and have, contact us and we can give you the information for your type of business

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Buying a Business that is right for you

Buying a business these days is more than just the money. The business must fit into your lifestyle, family, and social life. Do you want to work to live or live to work? Finding the right business that suits you, your experiences, your finances and work ethic, is so important. Do you want a business that you can just slip into and keep the power going or are you looking for a business that can grow in a variety of areas? Do you want to be an owner-operator or are you looking for a business under management?

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Business Appraisals and Valuations

To work out what a business is worth, you have to see the business, you have to walk around it, feel it and understand it. You have to see the people in the business, understand what they do, understand where the money is made. You have to understand the financials, look at the systems and procedures. Only then can you determine the worth of the business. Anyone giving you a price on a business based on the figures alone lacks knowledge and understanding.

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