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For Sale

Concrete Batching & Supply inc Property, Equipment & Sand Lease

Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia


  • For Sale
  • Fitzroy Crossing
  • Western Australia
  • $1,730,000
  • Building and Construction Civil Manufacturing/Engineering



This business is located in Derby and Fitzroy Crossing, and operates from a leased premise located in Derby and also owned premises in Fitzroy Crossing. There is also a Sand Mining Lease in place, with the reputation of exceptionally high quality material being used to manufacture the concrete. The premises are conveniently situated near the Sand Mining Lease and ideal for distribution in all directions. The business batches and supplies concrete, sand and stone to a range of customers including residential, commercial, industrial, local shire, government and rural customers. The concrete is batched mostly onsite in their own plants based in both Derby and Fitzroy Crossing, loaded into the agitator trucks and delivered to the site. However, there is the option of batching offsite as there are mobile batching plants.

They have built a solid reputation as a quality operator in the Derby and Fitzroy Crossing regions. Prior to his death, the owner worked in the business as the sole owner and Business Manager, employing a full time site manager to run operations. Casual truck drivers and batchers were employed on a as needed basis.

It could be an excellent bolt-on for an aligned business with an interest in entering the Derby/Fitzroy Crossing region, or perhaps someone wanting a stand-alone business in this area which they could potentially grow and expand further. The cost to set up this type of business in this region is significant, so acquiring an existing business makes sense given the right circumstances.

Asking Price
$700,000 Vehicles, Plant and Equipment
$30,000 Stock (estimate)
$800,000 Properties (Fitzroy Crossing)
$100,000 Sand Mining Lease
$100,000 Goodwill
$1,730,000 Total

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