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For Sale

Unique COVID-Proof Restaurant Opportunity

1 Neds Beach Road, Lord Howe Island, New South Wales


  • For Sale
  • Lord Howe Island
  • New South Wales
  • $1,200,000
  • Cafe/Coffee Shop Catering Restaurant



Want to get away? I mean really, REALLY away? Away to an island paradise where you can enjoy the COVID-FREE (as at August 2021) lifestyle. There has NEVER been COVID on this island. And you can buy the BEST hospitality establishment on the island. You can be KING of the island.

Established since 2008, this restaurant is well-located, being built in Lord Howe Island, one of the most remote areas of Australia. The business has never had any competition since its inception, since there are no other similar establishments available in the area. Through the years, it has established a strong customer base and reputation.

Following the previous chaos of COVID-19, the restaurant had more customers than it has ever seen as people fled to go to safer places where they can both relax and escape from the threats of COVID-19. This restaurant has grown solely through word of mouth, teeming with fantastic online reviews. It has never spent a cent on marketing.

Now, in this current lockdown, it is expected that the same will be the case again. On 17th August 2021, the Prime Minister himself said that the only places free from COVID are dictatorships and islands. Location, location, location: In the world of business, those three small words will always be important for you to remember. Whether you have a global or local business, it is at the heart of what makes a business successful So, if you are looking for a business opportunity in this pandemic, the best places right now to look at are North Korea and Lord Howe Island.

This is your chance to improve your current lifestyle. Many people are looking for businesses that are resilient to disruptions like a pandemic. The chances of finding another business like this are very slim.