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Select the Loan Calculator from your bank or related financier

In most cases it is best to understand what your finances are, how much you have in security that is acceptable to the bank or finance company, how much cash you have or cashable securities or assets, and determine how much you can borrow, which will determine how much you can buy a business for.

Some businesses are acceptable to the banks or finance companies to secure some of the purchase price against the business. This is a better scenerio as you may be able to buy a bigger or better business, with a higher income.

The success of your possible purchase may be the income generated from the business. So knowing the above, allowing for your income in working in the business, if it is an owner operated business will determine how much profit you should be looking for from a business.

In the case of a business under management, it mostly depends on your requirements for returns, risk and security.






Bank of Queensland


Heritage Bank


The results of your search on repayments must be considered in regard to the financial profits of the business in which you are considering. 

Profits showing Adjusted PEBITDA are all the historical monies that a Business Owner received from the business including wages, benefits and profits.

Profits showing Adjusted EBITDA are the historical monies the Owner received from the business including benefits and profits. EBIT shows that the owner should have received a Commercial Wage on top of the benefits and profits or the business is run under management.