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Experience comes from owning every part of your business

The Brokers of Business Brokers Network Australia are all experienced Business Brokers and some are experienced and qualified Business Vauers.  

They perform every facet of their operation from speaking to hundreds of business owners and inspecting their businesses. Gathering the numerious documents required to list a business, sorting out, adjusting financial reports, reading leases, understand the various facets of each business listed, understanding the cynergies that make various business work. They look at the risk factors of the business, staff and supply lines. as well as external factors and competition, advertising and promotion. All the information that a Business Broker has to be able to discuss with a potential Buyer.

The Business Broker then has to be able to provide documentation that substantiates the business that is being sold.

Business are rarely sold on the old 'trust me', 'there is heaps of potential'.

BBNA Business Brokers adhear to the AIBB Code of Conduct that assures Business owners that their business sale or business purchase is being handled in the correct manner.


Contact any one of the BBNA BUsiness Brokers or email  info@businessbrokersnetwork.com.au