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Business Brokers Network Australia - Privacy Policy

The information on any business listed for sale is only forwarded to interested Buyers when and after the Business Broker has received a Confidentiality Agreement from the Buyer.

Businesses listed for sale may provide information on Trading reports, Profit and Loss, Balance sheets, lists of plant and equipment, leases on property and equipment, company information, staff and employee information, sales and administration systems and processes, suppliers and clients and a range of other information required to sell a business.  

Information is provided to Buyers after clients and suppliers or any other sensitive information is deleted or changed as to not give that specific business information.

A Buyer is allowed to provide the information forwarded to him for a business purchase to his specific advisors in regard to the sale. eg Partner, Accountant, Lawyer, Banker or Business advisor. These people are professional and the confidentiality asks that the Buyer to notify these advisors that the information is covered by such Confidentiality Agreement.

Buyers information is kept on file by Business Brokers and may be passed to another Business Broker who is a Team Member of Business Brokers Network Australia that may have a business of interest to the Buyer.

Buyers may receive further information from the Brokers Brokers from time to time in regard to an interesting business listed.