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BBNA Members can do more than just give you information on a business for sale.

If you are looking for a business to Buy, this can be a difficult process, there are many websites to look through, the search engines many times do not give you the businesses or results you are looking for.

We can make the process easier, we have achieved great results in the past. Tell your BBNA Member Broker exactly what you are looking for, the general location, the lifestyle you are looking for, the experiences you have in owning, managing or employment activities you have experience in, whether you want to have a job in your business, be a full time manager, part time manager or are you an investor with some involvement. Importantly the income you hope to achieve, and most importantly exactly how much do you have to spend, How much cash you have, how much you can borrow (based on clear asset holdings) and the Broker may know if the business would attract some security for the bank.

Sometimes the business that you may be right for you is not what you are actually looking for or the business that is right for you is not currently listed for sale.

Work with your Business Broker, any one of the Newtork Members can liase with the other members on your behalf. We may have or know of the right business for you.