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Why use a Broker from Business Brokers Network Australia

BBNA Brokers have a wealth of experience in a multitude of business types, from Owner Operated businesses to small businesses, employing from 1 to over 100 employees to running corporations. Working knowledge of a range of business types gives Business Brokers the grounding experience to be able to talk with Sellers and Buyers.

Our Brokers will look at your business and may suggest areas that could improve the saleability of the business or increase the asking price of the business.

Each Business Broker is qualified. That means your BBNA Broker is the person responsible, so integrity, confidentiality and service is paramount. If you have a concern or problem, your dealing with the person that makes the decisions.

BBNA Brokers work as a team, we are proud of our network associations and our committment to the Business Broking Industry. It is rare that operators in any field share intellectual property and help each other out in business. As committed Business Brokers we are always discussing business listings, business Appraisals and Valuations, swapping Buyer leads and suggesting possible Sales leads. 

When you list your business with a BBNA Business Broker, he can share that listing with all other Brokers in the Network, so we multiply our chances in finding the Buyer for your business.

BBNA Brokers are in Queensland, New south Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania, so if you are looking to sell your business, contact one of the team of Business Brokers Network Australia in your state. The list of Brokers is under the BBNA Broker tab.

If you are a Business Owner and would like to list and sell your business with a professional network of Business Brokers, call any one of our Team directly or email info@businessbrokersnetwork.com.au