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Currently the following BBNA Brokers are AIBB Registered Business Valuers:


Russell McVey - BBN Business Sales - 0412 761 810 - russell@bbnbusinesssales.com.au

Adrian Coyne - Sell your Business ASAP - 0418 885 666 - adrian@sellyourbusinessasap.com.au

Richard Rasmussen - Ascent Parners - 0418 021 101 -  richard@ascentpartners.com.au


The Australian Institute of Business Brokers is the only Business Valuers Course in Australia.

AIBB Registered Business Valuers with BBN are also full time Business Brokers. They have accumulated details from thousands of business and maintain active involvement in many business activities.

Many 'Valuers' in various accounting and other professional organisations do financial valuations, these do not take into account the risk assessments on various aspects of businesses and can lead to faulty conclusions and market value.

If a valuation is required for a sale of a business, then factoring in the risk assessment and the state of the market is a key factor in establishing a value.

Business Valuations may be required for:

Selling a business; Partnership buy out of a business; Establishing a value at a certain time of a business, Splitting up of the business, Divorce or partnership split; Taking in an Investor; Looking for Finance or re-finance; Acquisition or a Merge of Businesses, Tax reasons, On Death a Will related activity, Staff or Employee buy in, Property Acquisition, Lease requirement. 

The AIBB have over 45 Business Valuers around Australia. We are in contact with each other and we look for opinions and other data to support various conclusions that we come to in Valuations. Few other Business Valuers have this resource available to them. This provides the historical and current knowledge of many thousands of businesses, that only practicing Business Broker / Valuers are able to accumulate.

Call any of the above Business Valuers, they are very willing to discuss your situation. Call 1300 33 18 14